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Your investment will grow up like a running beast!

The team Consisting of professionals in trading and staking cryptocurrency will introduce you to a whole new world of passive income provided by their professional traders.

Main Investment Kit

Are you still seeking for a good investment opportunity to make the most of your money? This company guarantee that you will receive a regular income that will be far larger than that of other similar investment initiatives.

Beastrun offers its investors not only the opportunity to earn big returns on their investments, but also access to a knowledgeable and experienced staff of traders.


You should invest in Beastrun for a variety of reasons. Please review the complete list of perks below to learn how Beastrun differs from other similar investment opportunities now available.

Getting a passive income;
A fantastic opportunity to earn a passive income by investing in their well crafted investment plans.

Profitable returns;
They consistently promise high returns on your investments in a short period of time! Take use of their services to ensure that you always obtain a great return on your investment.

Professional team of experienced traders
It has put together a team of skilled traders that work to boost the company’s capital and the profits of their investors on a regular basis.

DDoS protection
Their goal is to ensure that their client’s investments are never harmed as a result of a DDoS assault. Their system is designed to withstand all sorts of DDoS attacks.

BeastRun investing plan:

Earn 3.33% Daily For 45 Days
Minimum; $25
Maximum; $10,000
Deposit; Return at end
Total ROI; 249.85%
Withdrawal; Instant

ABOUT the company
They’re Welcome New Partners!

At the moment, the cryptocurrency market has become an integral part of modern financial relationships between people. Argotrix was no exception and began to develop in this industry. Turning earnings on cryptocurrencies into the main activity of the company, they began to need additional capital, which allowed them to earn not only the company, but also to guarantee a constant profit to the investors of their company.

BeastRun constantly checks the cryptocurrency market to stay informed about the time to open a trade. Their investment strategies provide high returns with minimal risk and small investment amounts. They are accountable to their investors, a source of consistent income at Beastrunwill ensure your financial stability.

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