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Investing without experience, easily, uncomplicated and guaranteed :

The team group of this company seek to participate in the design of this new and rapidly growing global sector. Their step is a leap towards the future. Its goal is to develop this sector and protect all investors in it. The future is better.

InvMeta Team is Skilled, versed , experienced team. These people combined their knowledge and experience together.

InvMeta A new world and unprecedented success is coming!

It offer you a new world of successful and unconventional investment in the latest advanced modern technology that will be dominant in the world in the future, And the metaverse
(simulation of virtual reality) is a clear and guaranteed investment in more than one direction and vision in this field and is not limited to this only. They have strategic plans to distribute the capital in more than one direction Like digital currencies and cryptocurrency trading platforms, they also have experience working in forex and forex trading through a bot that is specifically designed for profit only from the MetaTrader platform.Success rates up to 95%

Excellent and guaranteed return :

Enjoy a special return starting from 4.30% Daily to 40.00% Daily and four different plans to suit all requirements and with a minimum investment starting from only 10 dollars

Your money is 100% safe :

Your money invested here is safe and you do not have to worry about losing it. It is a company registered in Britain and it has a record number 13931062 and there is permanent financial control

Strong security and protection :

It has the strongest protections ever and a distinctive encryption system to protect the data of all investors, as well as a highly experienced team ready to face any problem that occurs as soon as possible

Distinctive, unconventional,
very sophisticated and always growing :

invmeta Ltd is an investment platform registered in Britain number 13931062 and is actually present on the ground. It has a very professional staff and team. They provide investment management services in metaverses and cryptocurrencies. It offers investment solutions to clients who need to profit and invest without prior experience, easily and in simple steps, in addition to multiple flexible plans, very high security and service stability.

The best plans in this field :

It has 4 plans to suit all investors;
-The first plan, with a minimum starting from 10 dollars and a maximum of 999 dollars, with a daily profit rate of 4.30% for a period of 30 days.
-The second plan, with a minimum starting from 1000 dollars and a maximum of 4999 dollars, with a daily profit rate of 7% for 20 days.
-The third plan, with a minimum starting from 5000 dollars and a maximum of 9999 dollars, with a daily profit rate of 16% for a period of 10 days.
-The fourth plan, with a minimum starting of $10,000 and a maximum of $100,000, with a daily profit rate of 40% for a period of 5 days.
“& The minimum deposit and withdrawal is only $ 10 and an unlimited number of times per day over 24 hours, and the payment arrives in a period from one hour to 24 hours”.

plan 1 4.30% ,30 days$10$999
plan 2 7% ,20 days$1000$4999
plan 3 16% ,10 days$5000$10,000
plan 4 40% ,5 days$10000$100,000

5 levels of referral commission :

- 1 Level 4%
- 2 Level 5%
- 3 Level 6%
- 4 Level 7%
- 5 Level 8%

Gifts & Bonuses :

Your Creativity Makes A Difference.
There are thousands of ways to make an impact. Discover yours with invmeta Bounty program.

-Prepare Videos;

Promote the platform, try and tell them about the experience, show how to use it or announce the latest campaigns. You’re all free, show your talent.

-Report Bugs;

Try the platform. Report to them your problems, any errors you find, anything you see missing and things you wish to improve. They appreciate your feedbacks.

-Organize An Event;

Are you an influencer? Take an action to create an ecosystem on behalf of their team and inform people on a topic of your choice. They are here to help!

-Design & Share;

As invmeta team, they love your insightful & unique creations. Banners, logos, tshirts, gigs or a campaign can be more meaningful and effective with your design.

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